06 April 2013

Project Life Process + a video

I love the Project Life System by Becky Higgins, but I LOVE that I can make it my own & I do just that. I have only ever bought a pack of grid cards, 2 packs of 60 count variety page protectors, & 1 pack of design g which didn't come in the big variety pack.

I use my stash to complete every spread. Some weeks it's the bare minimum, sometimes I have a few inserts. Last year I ended up with 2 We R Memory Keepers albums packed as full as I could get them. I really didn't want a third album, but I could've used one. This year, I'm simplifying. I'm trying my best to only make inserts when I absolutely need them or for super special stuff [like my dad's certificate that he received after completing his cyber knife radiation treatments]. I'm also trying to keep my pages thin, meaning, I'm stamping more of my title cards instead of using thickers, I'm keeping any embellishing to a minimum, and even then it's usually flat stickers, & if I have a TON of photos of an event or day I am making an effort to make photo collages.

This year I'm also keeping a grid composition notebook with notes on journaling and photos + I draw my spread out ahead of time so that I can order the right size & amount of photos from Sam's. Drawing it out ahead of time really helps me know where stuff is going to go too, so the time it takes me to make a spread is much quicker.

I have found that I'm really loving pre-cut cards, so I've been using my Elle's Studio stash alot, plus I've been cutting down any scraps I have to either 4x6 or 3x4 & I can just grab a stack that coordinates & that's a big stress reliever.

Honestly, I'm about 7 weeks behind at this point. Last year, I never got more than 3 weeks behind. But this year, I'm working on having pictures printed at Sam's which I can get for $0.13 per print, which is so much cheaper than printing at home & my mom is kind enough to pick them up for me on her way home from work on Mondays, which saves me a trip into town every week. But I came to this realization that I should utilize Sam's only a week ago, so I've been printing at home, which in all honesty is a pain, plus ink is so darn expensive & always run out of cyan, & never seem to put it on the shopping list. haha.

So that's what I've been doing, you can see first hand how this happens, right here > > > in my video:


  1. Oh I loved watching your vid. I always over-intimidate myself with PL. Can you tell me the name of the teal alphas you used around the 3 minute point? TIA, keep the vids coming!! TFS!

    1. I'm not sure of the exact name of the alphas but they are made by Prima. I can't find the exact ones anywhere online, I bought them from my LSS last year, but I was able to find some that are similar on two peas in a bucket


  2. Hi Katie, Have just come across your blog via Simple Stories. Loved watching your PL process through your video on you tube. I was wondering if you could tell me what it was you used to create the stitched speech bubble outline & the hearts on your patterned paper. That is a cool idea but would love to know what the stencils/template was that you drew around. Am way behind on my PL probably because I spend too much time watching other peoples processes but love learning new & different things too. Thanks for sharing & hope you are able to reply & let me know what it was. Thanks heaps.