09 October 2011

My Favorite Products: Tools Edition

Is there a better way to start out a new blog series than with tools? We use them EVERY time we scrapbook. Seriously. So here I am looking at my desk, thinking which of these tools would I put in my must have, would buy again pile & which could I have done without? Well I have a list to share with you of my most used, never regretted, well loved tools.

So that's it, my favorite tools. What are your top favorite most used tools?

In the next installment I'm going to be sharing my favorite glues, I wonder how many of us use the SAME kinds of stuff.... I'd love to know for sure.

Thanks for sticking around to the end. Until next time. ;)

Read More Layout Video

So I've been neglecting both my blog and my YouTube account so much! I have been swamped with school work and life. I was struck with an epiphany the other day that helped me solve my YouTube neglect. I finally found a way to get an overhead view of my desk with my WebCam, while allowing it to be connected to my laptop! whew! It seems like such a simple problem to solve, but for some reason it took me FOREVER to figure it out. I don't know why?!?! So now that I've solved that problem, I would like to show you my first video with the new view! I hope you like it... plus I'm beta testing the new InLinkz Link Manager, so I will be able to provide you with a full list of products I used, with thumbnails and links to online stores. Yay! I'm so happy and excited to share this for the first time!!! Wahoo, so with further ado, here we go:

So did you like it? Let me know! I want to improve with on things I can! Thank so much for sticking around! I hope you enjoyed the video and the new list of beautiful goodness ;) See you again soon. I promise.