11 September 2012


Remembering lives lost
Remembering sacrifices made
Remembering a country united
Remembering the tears
Remembering fear
Remembering uncertainty
Remembering this day
Remembering forever

This day will always be imprinted on my mind. I never want to forget how fortune I am to live in a country so wonderful, that can recover from tragedy and unite. It's been 11 years, & every year it feels like it happened just last year, but also so long ago. I won't ever forget it.

Remembering 11 September 2001

09 September 2012

My Life, Right Now!

I'm in full on research mode. I never imagined how much research it takes to keep a 20 page paper interesting.

Everyday I right a new question to bring up to my professor.
Everyday I read a portion of a book, either in English or French.
Everyday I search for new articles.
Everyday I write down ideas.
Everyday I alter my topic just slightly, narrowing it to precision.
Everyday I take notes.
Everyday I reread those notes.
Everyday I think.
Everyday I post-it something new.
Everyday I bookmark another site.
Everyday I print another piece of paper.
Everyday I write a few sentences.
Everyday I talk out my topic to myself and to Ryan.
Everyday I ask an opinion.
Everyday I translate.
Everyday I stress.
Everyday I think about what I will present about.
Everyday I change my idea of which primary source is the most important.

Whew. I'm tired just thinking about it and everything left to do. I'm ready for December to be here. I'm ready to get my presentations over and my paper printed. I'm seriously ready. You know what's really crazy, though? I already have another research topic in mind for my six or so months off between undergrad and graduate programs. I hope it works out.

Okay I'm off, I really need to get back to reading and writing.

05 September 2012

September My Creative Scrapbook Guest Designer!!

Hi everyone!! I'm dropping in from the uncomfortable seats of my school, to share some EXCITING NEWS!! I was asked by Pam & Delaina from My Creative Scrapbook Kit Club to work with the fun Creative Kit for September. Of course, I jumped at the chance... Literally, when I got my box I opened it, stressed a bit, since I've never worked with a "kit" before, then embraced the challenge, & got to work... by the next afternoon I had finished 3 layouts and 2 cards!!! I was on a serious roll. I loved working with the group. They are all so sweet & they treated me like I had always been meant to be there! So anyway, I'm here to show you my projects... drum roll please!

Seriously. Love how this card turned out. I've only made 1 other card that I absolutely loved. ONE! but this one changed that. I did stuff I'm not used to doing, like creating a background scene with the strips of paper as buildings and the clouds. & That yellow flag piece, was a happy coincidence... it was the leftover piece from my layout below [Let's Go Explore]... I had cut it to make a shorter banner for the layout & the curve of the leftover piece just looked like one of those flags that fly behind special planes with messages or advertisements!

I was on a mission to use every one of the small diecut papers. So when I only had the circle one left, I knew I had to turn it into a card. There I am again, creating a background. Stepping out of my comfort zone into something that I love! I would've never known that without this kit!

I tell ya. After walking up 425 steps to see the waterfall at Amicalola Falls more closely, it deserved to be scrapbooked. I mean, what an accomplishment. It doesn't sound like a ton of steps, but try doing it in October, while it's still steamy hot here in GA, with 2 kids that have just eaten lunch, & are probably ready for a nap in the car on the drive home. I didn't think we would ever make it. But we did. & It sure was beautiful.

Ryan and I are always on the lookout for some cool places to walk & explore. I love just walking next to him all by our lonesome, & just talk. We talk about the mundane, the future, where we are together as a couple, what we want to be doing next, where we will be this time next year... & so much more.  It's these kind of adventures that really make me appreciate what we have together. It's not very often people get to marry their best friend. 

This was my very first page I created with the kit!! I LOVE the color combo on this. I used an EK Success & Crafter's Workshop Mask to trace all of the stars. I love stars and I love how if you think outside of the product box, you can find so many uses for the tools you already own!

Everyone should go check out the My Creative Scrapbook blog today... they are having an awesome blog hop with their Design Team!

Lastly I'd like to say thanks again to Pam & Delaina for including me! I had a great time with the kit!
Now I'm off to take a look at everyone else's AMAZING projects!