12 April 2013

April Gallery pt. 3 + a video

For this last layout I deconstructed one of the pattern papers to make it fit the design I wanted. This page is another for my S&S project. 

I also made a process video for this as well. :)

09 April 2013

New Video!!

I just uploaded a new video to YouTube!

I've been steadily working on my S&S project, getting layouts finished faster than I realize!!

07 April 2013

how to print multiple photos on 1 4x6 sheet using Picasa

I've been getting tons of questions about how I print multiple photos on one 4x6 sheet... I did a tutorial a while ago, but I've changed how I do it since then, so I thought I woud share my new technique, using Picasa, a free program from Google.

First of course, you'll want to download, install, & open Picasa.
Next you'll want to select the photos you want to use in the collage. You use the green tack pin to hold photos into the tray.
Next click on the create menu & select picture collage.
Make sure you select the size of photo you would like to print. I selected 4x6 because that's what I print at.
I always select grid collage, because I want even sized photos. If I want to print instagrams I print 6 per sheet & 3x4s I print 2 per sheet. You can also change the orientation of the print, so if you have 2 landscape 3x4s you'll want a portrait oriented sheet, & if you have 2 portrait 3x4s you'll want a landscape oriented sheet. 
I always add in small border because when I send it to my printer, or out to Sam's both almost always cut off the edges, so I add the border to ensure that my photos aren't cut into. 
Lastly you click on the create collage button & picasa does all of the work.

To find your collages, if you don't print through Picasa, go to the start menu in windows, click to open your picture folder, then the Picasa folder, & you should be able to find them in there! 

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions leave me a comment & I'll try my best to answer it!

06 April 2013

Project Life Process + a video

I love the Project Life System by Becky Higgins, but I LOVE that I can make it my own & I do just that. I have only ever bought a pack of grid cards, 2 packs of 60 count variety page protectors, & 1 pack of design g which didn't come in the big variety pack.

I use my stash to complete every spread. Some weeks it's the bare minimum, sometimes I have a few inserts. Last year I ended up with 2 We R Memory Keepers albums packed as full as I could get them. I really didn't want a third album, but I could've used one. This year, I'm simplifying. I'm trying my best to only make inserts when I absolutely need them or for super special stuff [like my dad's certificate that he received after completing his cyber knife radiation treatments]. I'm also trying to keep my pages thin, meaning, I'm stamping more of my title cards instead of using thickers, I'm keeping any embellishing to a minimum, and even then it's usually flat stickers, & if I have a TON of photos of an event or day I am making an effort to make photo collages.

This year I'm also keeping a grid composition notebook with notes on journaling and photos + I draw my spread out ahead of time so that I can order the right size & amount of photos from Sam's. Drawing it out ahead of time really helps me know where stuff is going to go too, so the time it takes me to make a spread is much quicker.

I have found that I'm really loving pre-cut cards, so I've been using my Elle's Studio stash alot, plus I've been cutting down any scraps I have to either 4x6 or 3x4 & I can just grab a stack that coordinates & that's a big stress reliever.

Honestly, I'm about 7 weeks behind at this point. Last year, I never got more than 3 weeks behind. But this year, I'm working on having pictures printed at Sam's which I can get for $0.13 per print, which is so much cheaper than printing at home & my mom is kind enough to pick them up for me on her way home from work on Mondays, which saves me a trip into town every week. But I came to this realization that I should utilize Sam's only a week ago, so I've been printing at home, which in all honesty is a pain, plus ink is so darn expensive & always run out of cyan, & never seem to put it on the shopping list. haha.

So that's what I've been doing, you can see first hand how this happens, right here > > > in my video:

05 April 2013

Fun Friday! Spring Tag

I have a small, fun project to share with you today. I'm trying my hardest to learn how to make tags. Serious. I can cut one out in a jiffy on my Silhouette, but to actually make one with more than just 1 piece of paper & a diecut machine, I'm lost. So I started out small, challenging myself to make a spring tag that I can stick into my project life for the Vernal [Spring] Equinox. Doesn't sound hard, huh? Well, I'll tell you a little secret, it took me just as long to make this little tag as it does to make a full scrapbook layout. I couldn't believe. I definitely need some practice. lol.

I'm still loving Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic. I honestly think it's my favorite collection of all time. I keep going back to it, even after getting Lucky Charm [which I adore too]! I was happy to hear it will be in Joann Stores, but so far, according to sales clerks, my town's Joann doesn't have it yet, either that or they have NO CLUE what I'm talking about. Could be either. 

Anyway, I hope Spring is finding you, where ever you are. I thought we were in the home stretch headed to Summer [if you live in the South, you know what I mean, we usually skip Spring and have Summer like temperatures & humidity by mid-April], but I'm sitting indoors, with a blanket over me right now, hoping noon brings warm weather, but highly doubting that because it's so overcast outside. 

03 April 2013

Elle's Studio Challenge + a new video

Hi everyone. Over at the Elle's Studio Blog, we are starting a new blog series where we give out a challenge, some design team members play along, anyone that makes a layout & posts it to the member gallery at Elle's Studio & links it back to the Elle's Studio blog is entered for a chance to win a $10 Elle's Studio Gift Card! How cool is that?

So this week the challenge was to frame a photo with one of the tabbed tags. :)

I played along & this is what I came up with

I also have a special treat. A process video! Hope you enjoy it. Also, don't forget to play along & post your projects to the gallery & link on the blog!

02 April 2013

Elle's Studio April Reveal pt 2 + a new video

Hi! I'm back today to share the second project from my Elle's Studio April Design Team Inspiration Gallery! Today I have an extra treat for you. I've been making process videos like crazy lately, since I've been able to keep my camera in a semi-permanent state, it's much easier to record anything that happens on my desk ;)

So here's my layout:

The Serendipity collection screams spring. Seriously it is so pretty.

Here's a close up:

I love how the white letters pop off the wood wall in the background of the photo. I was so nervous sticking down the letters directly to the photo, but it turned out better than I could have imagined. 

Without further ado, here's me creating this layout. I hope you enjoy!

01 April 2013

Elle's Studio April Gallery Reveal Pt 1

So it's that time of the month again, I'm here to share my first project for the April Elle's Studio Design Team Gallery. I can't believe how fast this year is going by. We are already past our 1st quarter. Wow. So this month I wanted to try something different & instead of sticking to scrapbook layouts I used almost all Elle's Studio products on one of my Project Life weeks. Seriously. I'm so far behind. I never let myself get behind last year. Well I haven't even finished February yet. Yikes. So since I was feeling the pressure, I decided to go simple, which is perfect for Elle's products. They make the spread unique & fun, while keeping it stylish & coordinating.

I used a mixture of Day to Day & You & Me for the spread, & I think they compliment each other so well.

Here's my spread, all the way back from 4-10 February.

This spread was so simple, but it still speaks volumes to who I am & what my style looks like. 

We received a thank you card from our nephew thanking us for his birthday gift. He's 6 & he's so funny, incredibly sweet, & adorable. How cute is this card? Love that my S-I-L made spaces for him to write in, his handwriting is so cute. I'm totally taking this idea from her if I ever end up with a kid of my own. ;)

I immediately knew I wanted to include this little gem, but including cards in scrapbooks or pocket page protectors is hard. I stuck it in there, but then you couldn't read the note without taking it out. I still wanted everything to be intact. I mean, we may not live here for the rest of our lives, so having a little token that shows us where we where in perspective really means something to me. So, I tucked the top of the card into the envelope, then tacked down the closure flap & back of the card to  the card behind it. then I left the address envelope part outside of the pocket, so you can lift & read. Sometimes the simplest answers to our problems take the most thought. ;)

My dad came to stay with us for a few short days & while he was here, we of course took advantage of the time together & worked on our family tree. While we are getting to the point of no new information, we did find one tidbit about one of my paternal great-great grandfathers. He was a POW during the Civil War, not to mention we found a whole webpage devoted to his story. How cool is that? We also found the widow's pension application about my other paternal great-great grandfather, who died in a hospital in Kingston, GA after suffering from a severe fever, it had accounts and testimonies from not only my great-great grandmother, his wife, but also men that had been on the battlefield with him. I find all of it so interesting. I can't imagine what we will dig up next. Now I'm so invested in these two stories that I've been using my history degree & researching Point Lookout and Elmira POW camps. 

I hope you enjoyed my first project for this month's gallery. If you'd like to see more of my project life,  say... maybe a video or two? leave me a comment!