30 July 2012

Can I profess my love for...

Yeah! Burger, again? & again?

Because I will. Over & Over & Over... until I'm blue in the face. I'm literally wearing a Yeah! Burger shirt RIGHT NOW, as I type this.

Ryan has this thing with food. Well, we both do. His, less socially awkward than mine... but maybe it's just me?!? Anyway, Ryan WILL NOT eat food that he cannot be assured is all-natural or organic. That's one reason we like to shop at Trader Joe's. So for a long time, we had a hard time finding restaurants to eat at... well then after I FINALLY downloaded Yelp, we discovered Yeah! Burger. [BTW if you don't have the Yelp app, it is one of my favorite apps] After reading GLOWING reviews, I scoped out the menu online. I almost always check out a place's online menu before I go there. Call me cautious. So after we found out they served only all-natural or organic food, & that they served something other than burgers [that's one of my food problems] we decided it would be our next spot to try... well if you know us, you also know that we haven't tried another new restaurant since. It's that good. I would recommend that if you go into Atlanta, you have to stop. There are 2 locations, West Midtown & Virginia Highlands. We always end up at Midtown, so that's the only one I can vouch for, but I'm sure both are just as good.

So the point of the post was not just to recommend an awesome Atlanta restaurant, but rather to share a layout. :)

Here it is, another layout to profess my love for this amazing restaurant! Like I don't have enough as it is... lol.

I used some of my many instagrams from our trips there... boy does that shake & grilled cheese look good. Oh & I used some Paislee Press & Studio Calico Digi stuff.

So there you have it. 

28 July 2012

A New Digi Page

so I've been getting the urge to create... well I LOVE using new product & since being on a design team I've gotten kinda spoiled b getting access to NEW stuff as it comes in. So I've gotten into this habit that I have a hard time creating with older product, it just leaves me uninspired after using it a couple of times. After I lose my want to create with a certain product I usually just throw it into my project life bin to get good use out of it...

We are at that point in our industry we're there's a lull in available product. CHA has just ended and product won't be available to ship from most companies for quite a while... so I've also been in that lull... but I found a way to get out of it. After being desperate for something new to work/play with, I started to look all over the internet for some cute digi stuff that could keep me inspired and creating until new CHA stuff starts shipping...

Today I have a new digi page to share with you. I have fallen in love with Paislee Press... her tag line is embrace your inner minimalist. I love that. Her products are so amazing. I wanted to buy it ALL! but I settled for 2 collections. Photobooth & The Weekender. I love the color palettes for both collection & they actually coordinate quite well. [at least to me they do :)] So as soon as they downloaded & I organized them into their correct places on my computer, I began creating. It was amazing.

I find that if I throw a digi page into my usual paper mix I get so inspired and ready to create something else. & it just keeps going.

So after getting home from seeing The Dark Knight Rises, I wanted to scrapbook my photobooth strip that I took with my iPod at the theater... they had a photobooth there, but my strips were FREE & I already bought the app, so why not use it... their photobooth did inspire these photos though. :)

To say that this movie wasn't Epic... well I would be lying. It was my favorite of the trilogy. I LOVE Christopher Nolan & Joesph Gordon-Levitt... who doesn't love him?? :) I think there will be more DKR pages in the future to profess such love. 

So I used a pretty equal amount from both kits & tried to "cut" the title from the background page & lift it off of another piece of pattern paper, but I guess my drop shadow wasn't good enough to make the effect look right.. oh well. maybe next time. 

23 July 2012

I'm still alive.

Wow. I was on a roll with those posts there for a while... Well, I'm still alive if you were wondering, just enjoying the spoils of summer before its long gone. I've been working like a crazy person trying to get caught up on my project life. I found my mojo. I think I lost it when my LSS closed. But my group of friends has started cropping again, & now I've found it. So I'm getting that project life outta the way, I'm working on getting another couple of process videos uploaded... YouTube is my enemy when  it comes to uploading [it takes SOOOO LONG], plus I'm going to try to remember to video me catching up on one of my project life weeks. So there you go. I'm alive. I'm well. & I'm getting crafty. Hopefully you'll see the finished projects soon. I think it'll be time for you to see my Project Life too! Yay.

Ok I'm off!

02 July 2012

a new video

After a catastrophe yesterday, (my cat knocked over a fresh glass of koolaid onto my project life!!) I haven't really been feeling especially crafty. Luckily it wasn't my first album, which is FULL to the brim, but it was my second album, which I started in May. I have a few photos that I must decide whether to leave them with pink topped borders or reprint. hmm...

So on a happier note. I do have a video to share with you today...
Here's the layout:

& the video:

thanks for reading and watching!!