05 April 2013

Fun Friday! Spring Tag

I have a small, fun project to share with you today. I'm trying my hardest to learn how to make tags. Serious. I can cut one out in a jiffy on my Silhouette, but to actually make one with more than just 1 piece of paper & a diecut machine, I'm lost. So I started out small, challenging myself to make a spring tag that I can stick into my project life for the Vernal [Spring] Equinox. Doesn't sound hard, huh? Well, I'll tell you a little secret, it took me just as long to make this little tag as it does to make a full scrapbook layout. I couldn't believe. I definitely need some practice. lol.

I'm still loving Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic. I honestly think it's my favorite collection of all time. I keep going back to it, even after getting Lucky Charm [which I adore too]! I was happy to hear it will be in Joann Stores, but so far, according to sales clerks, my town's Joann doesn't have it yet, either that or they have NO CLUE what I'm talking about. Could be either. 

Anyway, I hope Spring is finding you, where ever you are. I thought we were in the home stretch headed to Summer [if you live in the South, you know what I mean, we usually skip Spring and have Summer like temperatures & humidity by mid-April], but I'm sitting indoors, with a blanket over me right now, hoping noon brings warm weather, but highly doubting that because it's so overcast outside. 

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