16 November 2011

A New Adventure

I decided, just days before my twenty-fourth birthday, that I wanted to document it to its fullest. Meaning I want to capture everyday. I have been admiring everyone's Project Life albums, they are all so awesome, from the most simple to the most detailed. I love it. Seeing several of my friends PL albums have made me WANT to do this so bad, but I've been afraid to start, afraid of failure. But, I'm not going to let fear dictate what I capture about our lives. So there I was, starting Project Life in the middle of November, on my birthday. And almost a week later, I am having so much fun. 

I ordered several things from Becky Higgins through Amazon, which was amazing. I have Prime, so I had my order 2 days after I ordered it and I was able to get everything ready for the first day. I only ordered the Big Variety Pack of Pocket Pages, Grid Journal Cards,  Album Dividers, and the BIG Pockets. I want my album to be all me. So I'm going to be customizing the album from start to finish. I love adding in the smallest details into my scrapbook pages and I want that part of my process to continue in this project too. I don't  necessarily want my book to look like every other book out there, what would be the fun in that, right?

So far, I've been doing my journaling every night, what we did during the day, sometimes what the weather was like, who we talked to, what/where we ate, funny things the cats are up to (you know I have to include them), etc. Plus every night I upload my photos to my computer, add a outline I created in PSE and the date. Then I upload them to RitzPix, my preferred local printer, so there is NO EXCUSE to not have them printed each week. I don't own a photo printer, nor do I have the desire to destroy myself trying to find the perfect one, that I can get the best prints from, for the best price. I just buy a 300 prepaid print card to Wolf Camera, while they are on sale of course. This allows me to get a few prints or lots anytime I want for a good price, plus the instant gratification that comes with local printing rather than online, makes everything so much better! :)

As of right now I am totally going to need more sizes of photo protectors. I know it. Already. I can tell by what I want to add that I don't need so many 3X4 journal card spots, but more photo spots. Not sure as of yet how I am going to resolve this. I'm just glad I'm only 2 days of shipping away from any Amazon order I make. <3. I think I'm going to be editing my photos farther than I am now, by making smaller prints to get more out of what photo pockets I have now. I love technology. So much. 

I'm a terrible blogger, so maybe this type of project will help me keep up with this more as well, win win right? My life isn't what I would call exciting by any means, I don't have kids, I don't live in a fancy city, nor do I have a fabulous job. I am me though, 100% and I know how much I already cherish all of the scrapbook pages I have made, so I think this project is perfect for me, right now. At the end of each week I'm going to try and share my photos and a little bit about our week. Then when my page spreads are finished I will be sharing those too. Promise. Seriously. 

I hoping that by putting all of this out there it will be my motivating force to keep up with the project and not let it fall to the wayside, like last years attempted 5 photo 365. Pathetic I know. lol.

09 October 2011

My Favorite Products: Tools Edition

Is there a better way to start out a new blog series than with tools? We use them EVERY time we scrapbook. Seriously. So here I am looking at my desk, thinking which of these tools would I put in my must have, would buy again pile & which could I have done without? Well I have a list to share with you of my most used, never regretted, well loved tools.

So that's it, my favorite tools. What are your top favorite most used tools?

In the next installment I'm going to be sharing my favorite glues, I wonder how many of us use the SAME kinds of stuff.... I'd love to know for sure.

Thanks for sticking around to the end. Until next time. ;)

Read More Layout Video

So I've been neglecting both my blog and my YouTube account so much! I have been swamped with school work and life. I was struck with an epiphany the other day that helped me solve my YouTube neglect. I finally found a way to get an overhead view of my desk with my WebCam, while allowing it to be connected to my laptop! whew! It seems like such a simple problem to solve, but for some reason it took me FOREVER to figure it out. I don't know why?!?! So now that I've solved that problem, I would like to show you my first video with the new view! I hope you like it... plus I'm beta testing the new InLinkz Link Manager, so I will be able to provide you with a full list of products I used, with thumbnails and links to online stores. Yay! I'm so happy and excited to share this for the first time!!! Wahoo, so with further ado, here we go:

So did you like it? Let me know! I want to improve with on things I can! Thank so much for sticking around! I hope you enjoyed the video and the new list of beautiful goodness ;) See you again soon. I promise.

15 July 2011

Summer 2011 Mini Album

Since I started taking care of my 2 girls this summer, I decided to record the whole thing and make a mini, as I go. I decided that I was going to make preparations easy each time I sat down to add to it, so, since I already belong to my local lab’s photo club, I wanted to get all of my pictures printed there in the same size, then it would be uniform at least in that sense. The photos that I have added so far that have been from my iPod, from PocketBooth, Instagram, and Camera+, are all printed at the biggest size possible with the highest resolution. After I decided I was going to make the mini album as a focus on just summer, I started pulling any and all summery photos from my stash, and of course I checked out my LSS. I noticed the other day that the patterns I chose are about 85% Echo Park Paper Co. All of their papers have AWESOME patterns and their colors are fun and bright, perfect for any summer photos. Right now they are my favorite paper company. I’m adding all sorts of craziness and love into this mini album. This is the first time that I have attempted something of this magnitude and to top it all off, I don’t have a plan. And to me that makes it amazing. I’m always surprised by my pages and I love that. So anyways, here’s a peek into the insane already 2 inch thick not so mini, mini. Smile



As you can see, I have used tons of little pieces of pattern paper, from my stash and what has been left over from a recent project that is this hanging out around my workspace. I’ve been customizing it a lot with stamps and letters. So far, I’m happy with it. Satisfied with myself and it makes me want to create one of these for each of the coming season. Mostly to see what changes, not product wise, but how I create it. I’ve loved this process, but I feel like when Fall Semester starts that I will have WAY less time to work, so this type of album would be awesome. Get stuff and photos put somewhere, get the memories and stories down without all of the work with full layout creation.


I figure I would also share some collages of my summery photos that I’m including in the book and some I didn’t have room for, but happened at the same time as others. Most of those will end up in my regular, 12x12 album. I still love it, and I still give it plenty of love too!

5-2011; Summer 2011 Edited

Memorial Day family cookout. Our family has a cookout for every holiday in the summer. I love it. This is my new family. I married into it. It is completely different from my bio-family. This family is SO HUGE! Tons of kids everywhere. {in my family, before I got married, there were 4 kids, including myself, for most of my life}. We always end up playing softball, watching the kids play in the pool, eating tons of food, and having some awesome conversation with some of the greatest people I have ever met.

5-31-2011; Starting Summer with a Glow

We started Summer with a glow here. we had an awesome time staying up late going out after dark and using some glow sticks to make some fun photos. We literally played like this for over an hour. I probably ended up with 100+ photos. I can’t wait to do it again with sparklers left over from the 4th.

5-2011; Summer 2011 Edited1

Playing in the creek at Serenbe. This was Steph and Sue’s first time walking out to the waterfall. It was a long walk for them, plus it was HOT, so we sat down had a small snack and played in the water a bit. We loved it. Definitely have to do this again before the summer ends.

5-2011; Summer 2011 Edited2

This is probably Sue’s most favorite thing to do. Which is crazy to me, because we have Season Passes to Six Flags and White Water. Old Fashion Sprinklers. I love it.

6-21-2011; Girl's Day Out

This was their first just us girls day out. We went to Sweet Memories, did some scrapbooking, ate some junk food, got some ice cream, went for pizza and got exhausted. They sure did love it.

7-6-2011; Ryan's Birthday

Ryan’s Birthday. I made him Butterbeer Cupcakes. Yes we are Harry Potter Geeks. Admittedly.

7-8-2011; Johnny's, Starbucks, Lost Tooth

Stephanie went home early one week, she felt homesick and kinda grouchy because of it. So we got to have a whole day with just me, Ryan, and Sueboo. We ended up eating Pizza, drinking Starbucks, and losing a tooth {definitely Sue, & not us adults}.

Starred Photos

4th of July. Enough said.

What I’ve missed here: photos from Six Flags, random iPod photos, White Water. I do have some photos. Just didn’t get a chance to make a cool collage. I hope you enjoyed a look into my summer. More to come. I promise.

14 July 2011

Introducing My 2 Favorite Girls

First off, I want to say, no I don’t have kids of my own. But I do have 2 little girls in my life that are practically my little sisters, {no, I don’t have sisters either, I’m an only child}. But anyways, these 2 little girls light up our, Ryan and I, lives. They can drive us CRAZY, but when they aren’t around I admit that I miss them. This summer they have spent every single week with us and go home on the weekends. This has been an experience for both Ryan and I, because I haven’t ever been around little kids for such long periods of time since I was a kid and Ryan has lots of nephews that he spends a lot of time with,  but these are girls and he hasn’t ever spent nearly this amount of time with his nieces. We’ve been trying to do fun stuff with them, keep them occupied, but it’s harder than it sounds. This has definitely been kid training for the far-far-future. Winking smile 

Okay, I’ll get to the point. Here are the girls and little bit about each of them.

This is Stephanie.


She’s 9, loves Justin Bieber {what 9 yr old girl doesn’t right now?}, loves to play video games, her favorite food is Mac&Cheese and color is blue, not much of an animal person, total jokester, wants to be a skateboarder when she grows up, she loves the movie Cars 2, and is a total tomboy. I was 14 years old when she was born, and before her I was the baby of the family.

This is Sue.


If there was an opposite to Stephanie, it’s Sue. She love animals, wants to be a veterinarian, her favorite food is cheese pizza and color is hot pink, her favorite singer is Katy Perry, she LOVES the Pirates of the Caribbean Series and her favorite is At World’s End, and she’s working on reading all of the Captain Underpants books, she's goofy, quirky, girly, sweet, clumsy.

They are sisters and they fight like crazy, but I know they love each other.

Soon to come: Update on our summer.

11 July 2011

From Pinterest to Paper

I am obsessed with Pinterest. I admit it. Every time I see something online that I LOVE, must have, find inspirational, want to try out… I pin it. I have been pinning things from various websites that I bookmarked in my web browser, so that I know exactly why I bookmarked it in the first place. The visual bookmarking is perfect for me. I see the photo of whatever it was that I found and I instantly remember why I pinned it. Plus getting to categorize my bookmarks is also very helpful.

So I have a few boards that I know I will use strictly for inspiration, one is For the Home, another is Pretty Paper, and lastly Words to Live By. Each of these boards inspire me in different ways. I get ideas for my decorating, paper crafting, cards, etc. from each one of these. At first I was wondering, if I would actually use the many visual inspirations I have been pinning in any craft. Well I challenged myself to create something that was inspired by my pinterest boards. From the moment I saw one of my pins, I knew I wanted to use this pattern in my home decorating and scrapbooking. It’s a perfect pattern in my opinion.

So here is the pin I’m going on about:

House of Smiths Inspiration

I absolutely love the quatrefoil pattern. It’s symmetrical, interesting, and looks GREAT repeated.

So I decided to use this pattern as inspiration for a layout. Here it is:


I not only took inspiration from the pattern but the pairing of the white and grey, as well. To get the quatrefoil pattern, I used Photoshop Elements to create a single quatrefoil image, then in my Silhouette Studio Software I repeated the pattern in even rows and columns, then welded the image together. I didn’t want my photo to take over the bulk of the design, so instead of using a standard size print, I had some 2.5” square photos printed at my local Wolf Camera, using the tutorial before this post. Then I added the photo to my Lawn Fawn Say Cheese polaroid stamp.

I’m hoping that Pinterest continues to inspire me and others. It’s such a great idea, I can’t wait to see others using their pins to inspire crafting of all sorts.