09 April 2012

My Thoughts & Ideas for Project Life

Since starting Project Life back in November I have really grown to love the whole idea behind capturing the everyday. Now I'm not the best at taking a photo a day, shoot sometimes I wonder at the end of the week if I took any photos AT ALL! lol. I've always enjoyed scrapbooking my everyday life, it's what I find most interesting, but this project took that to a whole new level. Here I am at 21 weeks into the project and I still feel like I'm going strong. Last week, my cousins, Steph & Sue came to spend a few days with Ryan and I. To me they're more like little sisters, I've never had siblings, but that's what they feel like and that's how I treat them, anwyays... so while they were here they BOTH showed an interest in my Project Life album. Not because it was out on the coffee table, because it wasn't (I have it put away in my scrapbook room), but because they don't get to see us very often, & when we do see them we don't spend a bunch of time retelling every moment since the last time we saw them... (we'd rather spend every moment creating memories with them) & they're only 10 & 8, I think we would bore them with a long drawn out tale, but seeing the photos & stories together in my album really sparked their interest. They sat down together, which was amazing, & looked over the entire book, they laughed & read together, that made my day. Seeing themselves in my book about my life really drove home how important they are to me, considering weeks when we see them they get a ton of PL coverage :) Last summer they spent every week here, with us. It was stressful. Coming from a family with no siblings & having no children of my own, it was an EYE OPENER as to what goes into taking care of two practically pre-teen girls. We did a lot of stuff together, had a lot of fun & I made a mini album for myself, but I didn't really make anything for them to take home to remember our LONG, FUN, STRESSFUL, AMAZING Summer. So I've already made plans for them to be here again this year & this year I plan on being more prepared for the craziness that is 2 pre-teen girls. I've also made a plan for Project Life this Summer... I'm going to NOT ONLY do my physical project that I've been working on these long, long weeks, but I'M ALSO going to do a special version for my 2 girls... which sounds like it could be expensive & time consuming... but my plan for their project life is going to be a Digital Project Life. I've bought quite a few of the Becky Higgins products digitally to include in my own PL, but now I'm taking the plunge to experience PL completely digitally as well. I can't wait. So I made a test page, that I can include in their books or not, but I thought I would share it with you, this is just 1 day last week, we took the girls to Atlanta for some shopping and Yeah! Burger in Midtown. It was awesome & the girls loved it. Anyways, here's my PL Page for the day (All Digital)

I used the Design A Template, but I took out the 2 bottom 4x6 slots and replicated the center line of 4 3x4 slots so that I could include more smaller photos and journal a bit more.

Supplies Used:

Thanks for checking out my new venture in Project Life for this summer. Be sure to check back for more of my Project Life updates in both physical & digital form!

04 April 2012

Today I thought I would share a few layouts that I worked on during the last few local crops.
i love my two newest pairs of TOMS, Ryan got me for our anniversary! Best surprise ever.

Ryan and I have started a new date night tradition, we've been going to a local Atlanta restaurant, Yeah! Burger. It's our regular spot. :)

Trying to find some good uses for older product. 

Totally in love with the new Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Collection.

My crazy kitty Ted. She is hilarious. I love how amazing she is. 

Ain't that the truth? Ryan = handsome. 

Best photo ever. Ryan and I acting completely like us. Crazy goofballs. 

Me @ 24 years old.

03 April 2012

Project Life Weeks 1-18

I've been a terrible blogger lately. My local scrapbook store closed its brick & mortar store front, so for a month I spent a ton of time cropping there, since it's going to be hard to get together with the ladies I met there. Also, school is kicking my butt. Seriously, who knew French Cinema & Literature could be so time consuming. But I LOVE it, so it's all worth it. So first off I thought I would catch you all up with my Project Life, instead of photos I decided to whip out my webcam and give you a little video, so that you can see up to March 17th, then I will be caught up to what I have finished and what I've posted here. Plus I have loads of newly photographed layouts to share with you here & now that I have MY VERY OWN SCRAPROOM!!! I have been making videos like crazy, but editing is a pain, so it takes a while. Anyways, thanks for hanging in there. I hope you enjoy the video & if you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer them! So without further adieu, here's my Project Life Weeks 1-18: