23 June 2012

Summer Life

So I've been diligently trying to take photos for my Project Life album and just general memory keeping. When I started this journey of a year in photos, I had this idea that I didn't have a very interesting life, well as it seems I had plenty to photograph and say about my life in those first several months. And it's funny because I didn't have ALOT going on then. I was just living the life I had been living for a long time... just me, Ryan, and our cats. Well here we are in Summer 2012. This is my first summer off since I started college. I decided not to take any classes, because to be frank, last year with 2 little girls running around our house while taking classes was a horror story like no other. I don't have a bunch of experience with children. I am an only child. All of my cousins were older than me. I was more easily close to adults than kids my own age. So here I am with a 9 & 10 year old 5/7s of the week. Finding things to keep them busy and sister-fight free, is a job on its own. I've reached the most  hectic, busy, photo-worthy time of my year, and I'm struggling. Days pass where I don't take a single photo of anything that has happened. Anyone out there have the same problems?? It also seems that I tend to favor my iPod over my DSLR. I certainly love the photos from my Nikon more than my iPod, but I guess it's just convenience. But I can't blow up the photos to 4x6 from my iPod, making my Project Life look way more product heavy rather than photo and story based. I transgress. I'm really here to show you how I've been working on my Summer Life, digital Project Life. I do know that if I take on this project again, I will probably be doing it digitally... but then again I do love the book I have filled up so far, so I may change my mind.

So here we go. 

This was my Memorial Day spread. I had a TON of photos from the day. So I went ahead and did a double page spread for the day. I thought I would do this for the major holidays in their book, but turns out they will be gone on the 4th of July & back at home for Labor Day, so I guess it will be only this holiday. hmph. 

Since S & S are here for 5/7s of the week (i.e weekdays only) I decided to make their Summer Life album cover just those days that they are here. So instead of a 7 day span they have a 5 day span. It works out for the best. This was the first full week they were with us, from Monday to Friday. I really enjoyed documenting this week, but I feel like I want to go back & add some more words, maybe a little bit about what they have been eating for lunch, what their schedules look like, their chore chart, what books they are reading. I guess those are things I can fill in the weeks I'm lacking on photos in. :)

So that's what I've gotten finished so far. I'll be back with more updates as I finish the spreads. It's so much easier to share when they are digital, rather than trying to film or photograph the spreads. I'll also be back with a share of some layouts that I've made as I dipped my foot back into the pool of digi scrapping. It's nice to get my mojo going with some templates and products I haven't been able to get in paper. Yay!

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