24 June 2012


I can't be the only person out there who's house has fallen prey to the game Minecraft. We've been playing everyday on our Xbox360 both alone, as partners, & as a family. It's so much fun. Sometimes it ends in a fight, lets be honest. Kids, or at least these 2, seem to love to duke it out (on the game) until they die, & the other person takes all of their stuff. Then they cry a little bit and accuse the other of being mean. Then I ask the most important question. Who started this virtual duel, it always seems to be the one who lost all of their stuff & died.
What I do love about this game is how creative the kids get to be & all of the problem solving they have to do during a game. You can build just about ANYTHING from the little blocks of dirt, stone, sand, gravel, & brick. But somethings take multiple components to build or make, & they need several tools to get it, so they have to make those tools with other tools, & the problem solving and interest continues. They enjoy making houses the most, then they turn it off peaceful mode and let the zombies, spiders, and creepers invaded, at which point they either hide in their house and sleep or go on an adventure to kill them. Sounds brutal, but in reality, this game is far from brutal. It reminds me of games from when I was a kid and everything was made of pixelated blocks and basic colors. With the video games that are available today, this game is certainly one I will let them play anytime of the day, especially when its too hot to play outside. :) I think I need to document this in their Summer Life & a scrapbook page or 2. :) With a little thank you to Ryan for introducing it to us, of course.

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