16 November 2011

A New Adventure

I decided, just days before my twenty-fourth birthday, that I wanted to document it to its fullest. Meaning I want to capture everyday. I have been admiring everyone's Project Life albums, they are all so awesome, from the most simple to the most detailed. I love it. Seeing several of my friends PL albums have made me WANT to do this so bad, but I've been afraid to start, afraid of failure. But, I'm not going to let fear dictate what I capture about our lives. So there I was, starting Project Life in the middle of November, on my birthday. And almost a week later, I am having so much fun. 

I ordered several things from Becky Higgins through Amazon, which was amazing. I have Prime, so I had my order 2 days after I ordered it and I was able to get everything ready for the first day. I only ordered the Big Variety Pack of Pocket Pages, Grid Journal Cards,  Album Dividers, and the BIG Pockets. I want my album to be all me. So I'm going to be customizing the album from start to finish. I love adding in the smallest details into my scrapbook pages and I want that part of my process to continue in this project too. I don't  necessarily want my book to look like every other book out there, what would be the fun in that, right?

So far, I've been doing my journaling every night, what we did during the day, sometimes what the weather was like, who we talked to, what/where we ate, funny things the cats are up to (you know I have to include them), etc. Plus every night I upload my photos to my computer, add a outline I created in PSE and the date. Then I upload them to RitzPix, my preferred local printer, so there is NO EXCUSE to not have them printed each week. I don't own a photo printer, nor do I have the desire to destroy myself trying to find the perfect one, that I can get the best prints from, for the best price. I just buy a 300 prepaid print card to Wolf Camera, while they are on sale of course. This allows me to get a few prints or lots anytime I want for a good price, plus the instant gratification that comes with local printing rather than online, makes everything so much better! :)

As of right now I am totally going to need more sizes of photo protectors. I know it. Already. I can tell by what I want to add that I don't need so many 3X4 journal card spots, but more photo spots. Not sure as of yet how I am going to resolve this. I'm just glad I'm only 2 days of shipping away from any Amazon order I make. <3. I think I'm going to be editing my photos farther than I am now, by making smaller prints to get more out of what photo pockets I have now. I love technology. So much. 

I'm a terrible blogger, so maybe this type of project will help me keep up with this more as well, win win right? My life isn't what I would call exciting by any means, I don't have kids, I don't live in a fancy city, nor do I have a fabulous job. I am me though, 100% and I know how much I already cherish all of the scrapbook pages I have made, so I think this project is perfect for me, right now. At the end of each week I'm going to try and share my photos and a little bit about our week. Then when my page spreads are finished I will be sharing those too. Promise. Seriously. 

I hoping that by putting all of this out there it will be my motivating force to keep up with the project and not let it fall to the wayside, like last years attempted 5 photo 365. Pathetic I know. lol.

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