14 July 2011

Introducing My 2 Favorite Girls

First off, I want to say, no I don’t have kids of my own. But I do have 2 little girls in my life that are practically my little sisters, {no, I don’t have sisters either, I’m an only child}. But anyways, these 2 little girls light up our, Ryan and I, lives. They can drive us CRAZY, but when they aren’t around I admit that I miss them. This summer they have spent every single week with us and go home on the weekends. This has been an experience for both Ryan and I, because I haven’t ever been around little kids for such long periods of time since I was a kid and Ryan has lots of nephews that he spends a lot of time with,  but these are girls and he hasn’t ever spent nearly this amount of time with his nieces. We’ve been trying to do fun stuff with them, keep them occupied, but it’s harder than it sounds. This has definitely been kid training for the far-far-future. Winking smile 

Okay, I’ll get to the point. Here are the girls and little bit about each of them.

This is Stephanie.


She’s 9, loves Justin Bieber {what 9 yr old girl doesn’t right now?}, loves to play video games, her favorite food is Mac&Cheese and color is blue, not much of an animal person, total jokester, wants to be a skateboarder when she grows up, she loves the movie Cars 2, and is a total tomboy. I was 14 years old when she was born, and before her I was the baby of the family.

This is Sue.


If there was an opposite to Stephanie, it’s Sue. She love animals, wants to be a veterinarian, her favorite food is cheese pizza and color is hot pink, her favorite singer is Katy Perry, she LOVES the Pirates of the Caribbean Series and her favorite is At World’s End, and she’s working on reading all of the Captain Underpants books, she's goofy, quirky, girly, sweet, clumsy.

They are sisters and they fight like crazy, but I know they love each other.

Soon to come: Update on our summer.

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