15 July 2011

Summer 2011 Mini Album

Since I started taking care of my 2 girls this summer, I decided to record the whole thing and make a mini, as I go. I decided that I was going to make preparations easy each time I sat down to add to it, so, since I already belong to my local lab’s photo club, I wanted to get all of my pictures printed there in the same size, then it would be uniform at least in that sense. The photos that I have added so far that have been from my iPod, from PocketBooth, Instagram, and Camera+, are all printed at the biggest size possible with the highest resolution. After I decided I was going to make the mini album as a focus on just summer, I started pulling any and all summery photos from my stash, and of course I checked out my LSS. I noticed the other day that the patterns I chose are about 85% Echo Park Paper Co. All of their papers have AWESOME patterns and their colors are fun and bright, perfect for any summer photos. Right now they are my favorite paper company. I’m adding all sorts of craziness and love into this mini album. This is the first time that I have attempted something of this magnitude and to top it all off, I don’t have a plan. And to me that makes it amazing. I’m always surprised by my pages and I love that. So anyways, here’s a peek into the insane already 2 inch thick not so mini, mini. Smile



As you can see, I have used tons of little pieces of pattern paper, from my stash and what has been left over from a recent project that is this hanging out around my workspace. I’ve been customizing it a lot with stamps and letters. So far, I’m happy with it. Satisfied with myself and it makes me want to create one of these for each of the coming season. Mostly to see what changes, not product wise, but how I create it. I’ve loved this process, but I feel like when Fall Semester starts that I will have WAY less time to work, so this type of album would be awesome. Get stuff and photos put somewhere, get the memories and stories down without all of the work with full layout creation.


I figure I would also share some collages of my summery photos that I’m including in the book and some I didn’t have room for, but happened at the same time as others. Most of those will end up in my regular, 12x12 album. I still love it, and I still give it plenty of love too!

5-2011; Summer 2011 Edited

Memorial Day family cookout. Our family has a cookout for every holiday in the summer. I love it. This is my new family. I married into it. It is completely different from my bio-family. This family is SO HUGE! Tons of kids everywhere. {in my family, before I got married, there were 4 kids, including myself, for most of my life}. We always end up playing softball, watching the kids play in the pool, eating tons of food, and having some awesome conversation with some of the greatest people I have ever met.

5-31-2011; Starting Summer with a Glow

We started Summer with a glow here. we had an awesome time staying up late going out after dark and using some glow sticks to make some fun photos. We literally played like this for over an hour. I probably ended up with 100+ photos. I can’t wait to do it again with sparklers left over from the 4th.

5-2011; Summer 2011 Edited1

Playing in the creek at Serenbe. This was Steph and Sue’s first time walking out to the waterfall. It was a long walk for them, plus it was HOT, so we sat down had a small snack and played in the water a bit. We loved it. Definitely have to do this again before the summer ends.

5-2011; Summer 2011 Edited2

This is probably Sue’s most favorite thing to do. Which is crazy to me, because we have Season Passes to Six Flags and White Water. Old Fashion Sprinklers. I love it.

6-21-2011; Girl's Day Out

This was their first just us girls day out. We went to Sweet Memories, did some scrapbooking, ate some junk food, got some ice cream, went for pizza and got exhausted. They sure did love it.

7-6-2011; Ryan's Birthday

Ryan’s Birthday. I made him Butterbeer Cupcakes. Yes we are Harry Potter Geeks. Admittedly.

7-8-2011; Johnny's, Starbucks, Lost Tooth

Stephanie went home early one week, she felt homesick and kinda grouchy because of it. So we got to have a whole day with just me, Ryan, and Sueboo. We ended up eating Pizza, drinking Starbucks, and losing a tooth {definitely Sue, & not us adults}.

Starred Photos

4th of July. Enough said.

What I’ve missed here: photos from Six Flags, random iPod photos, White Water. I do have some photos. Just didn’t get a chance to make a cool collage. I hope you enjoyed a look into my summer. More to come. I promise.

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