09 October 2011

Read More Layout Video

So I've been neglecting both my blog and my YouTube account so much! I have been swamped with school work and life. I was struck with an epiphany the other day that helped me solve my YouTube neglect. I finally found a way to get an overhead view of my desk with my WebCam, while allowing it to be connected to my laptop! whew! It seems like such a simple problem to solve, but for some reason it took me FOREVER to figure it out. I don't know why?!?! So now that I've solved that problem, I would like to show you my first video with the new view! I hope you like it... plus I'm beta testing the new InLinkz Link Manager, so I will be able to provide you with a full list of products I used, with thumbnails and links to online stores. Yay! I'm so happy and excited to share this for the first time!!! Wahoo, so with further ado, here we go:

So did you like it? Let me know! I want to improve with on things I can! Thank so much for sticking around! I hope you enjoyed the video and the new list of beautiful goodness ;) See you again soon. I promise.


  1. Love it! Do you have a good close up photo of the entire layout?

  2. That was great Katie..thanks for posting it and for the inspiration!