19 January 2013

December Daily

I'm here to finally share my December Daily. It's really not a "December Daily" it's more of a holiday mini album...

I used the Simple Stories Teal Sn@p album & mostly Crate Paper Sleighride Collection :)

I started on Thanksgiving, so that I could include all of the holiday season.

my college graduation ceremony was a super important event this December, so I had to include it. So glad to be done, & not have a  20+ page research paper looming over me anymore!

this year, Ryan & I went simple with our Christmas Tree. I decorated it with gold ornaments & clear lights + our ornaments from each year we've been married, so far there aren't very many randoms on there, but eventually it will be PACKED with random ornaments that mean something to us. 

my mom & I spent the majority of our winter break with my dad in FL. A few days after my graduation, he had a stroke & had to be hospitalized. He was in FL when it happened, so we had a LONG drive & hard few days. But he's doing well & we are blessed that he recovered so quickly. 

Since I wasn't at home, Ryan and I didn't get to watch our favorite holiday movies together, but my dad & I did catch Home Alone on TV one night after he was released from the hospital. 

I was totally missing my kitties & Ryan the whole time I was in FL with my dad, so Ryan kept me updated with TONS of picture messages :)

my dad's doctors recommended him to start exercising more, so we started walking everyday after dinner, before the sun went down. 

these 2 pages are bittersweet for me. It is the last night before I had to come home to GA & the morning I left. After I pulled out of my dad's driveway I wanted to cry. I missed him immediately. There's no one like a dad, I love him SOOOO much. 

one thing I LOVE the most about winter break, is one of my BEST friends, Megan, has more free time, so we got to Skype. It's been such a long time since I've seen her, it was awesome to catch up & share some crafty projects.

at the end of the album I decided that I wanted to choose a few of my favorite photos from the year. It's a super random mix & in no particular order. 

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  1. This is such a treasure to have.
    My dad was in the hospital one Christmas as well. It is hard to see a loved one hurting.
    Congrats on you graduating :)