04 January 2012


I have bad luck, through & through. I bought a new laptop in August & right at 3 months later, my hard drive FAILED... that's right, FAILED. So happy I'm OCD about backing up all of my photos & documents. So after unexpected crazy mishaps, I'm back on the blogging road. I have a LOT of Project Life to catch up on sharing. I've been so proud of myself, I love this project, it's so simple to keep up with & so much fun to make it my own. First off I want to share my title page.

My idea for this project is to document my life from the day I turn 24 to the day I turn 25. By only buying the Page Protectors and the Grid Journal Cards I have been challenged to creating all of the "FUN" stuff on my own. I've been using TONS of stamps, my Silhouette SD, washi tapes (like this, this, this, & this + MORE), my Tiny Attacher, pre-made journal cards from my favorite collections, & lots of pattern paper. I've been trying to keep it in my style by using colors I LOVE, like grey, yellow, teal, orange, pink, etc. I absolutely love bold hues of colors.

Because I don't think that sharing the title page is enough, I'll share my first week, which was November 13-19, it worked out perfectly for me that my birthday fell on a Sunday, so I made my week layouts run from Sunday to Saturday. Without further adieu,

I hope you enjoyed looking into my project life, I'll be in a week with my second week and so on until I can get caught up on my posts. Seriously, this was the best decision on a year long project I could have made. I love it so far, and if I can keep up the momentum, I know I will be able to succeed in finishing it. I have to say that the best part of this project is the community though, I'm apart of the Big Picture Classes Community, & I am always up for seeing anyone's project life, so if you want to share, leave me a link in the comments. ;)


  1. I love that you are making your own "kit". Great way to customize it and perfect for using up your supplies (and an awesome excuse to get some new ones!)

    I'll be following your progress. I'm a kidless scrapper and really worry that there just isn't enough to document week after week (I know I know people can devote entire books telling me how wrong I am). I think maybe seeing how you approach this might help me. Maybe I could start a PL in March to document my 27 to 28 *cringes* How'd those numbers get so high?

  2. @Molitva

    I struggled with that same issue for quite some time, but I took a dive, knowing that I would appreciate it afterwards, regardless of whether I am able to fill it with amazing fun adventures, because trust me, we don't have many of those on a college budget. Thanks for commenting, I hope I can inspire you to take the plunge too. & if you decide to I definitely want to see how yours goes. :)