06 January 2012

Project Life Week 2 November 20-26

So now that I am officially out there with my Project Life, I feel like I have a little bit of EXTRA motivation to keep me going, holding myself accountable if you will. So here's my second week

 I've been finding that I love to add inserts and extra smaller page protectors to my weekly layouts. It gives me the chance to add more smaller details, which to me is what this project is all about. I've been adding tons of memorabilia & smaller photos (i.e. instagrams & hipstamatics) into the smaller pockets

This week Ryan and I went to our "local" art museum (the High Museum is located in Atlanta, which to me is close enough for us to consider local) we saw an AMAZING exhibit called Picasso to Warhol, featuring 14 modern artists, for me I KNEW I would need extra room to write about what I loved about the exhibit and about the rest of our day in Atlanta. Not only did the insert come in handy there, but also for Thanksgiving.
I like to journal about everything, from what we ate & wore, to our schedule for the day. It was so nice having that bit of extra room for plenty of words.
Unlike most people, you won't find any pics of me shopping on "black friday" in my Project Life because I spent the day with the guys, I don't know many women who would choose video games over shopping, but I know I'm glad I did, no hustle & bustle over a few items I could get for a similar price later. I did think about going out, but just like most years I talked my self down off of the ledge, so to speak lol.


  1. It's looking fantastic! Are you journaling each day as it happens or doing it retroactive based on the pictures?

  2. @molitva I'm going to have an entire post about this coming up soon. Perhaps I can get my camera back up and running and show my process for creating a weeks layout. :) For me, I make everything more complicated than it usually has to be, so dedicating an entire post to this just seems more informative in the long run.