22 March 2013

A New Video: Rawr

I've got a pretty good thing going here. I've stopped myself on many occasions from taking my filming "equipment" down. It's always there. Reminding me I need to keep this going. Make a video, edit it, & upload over night.

My next video maybe a few weeks away. But I assure you it's going to be worth the wait ;)

So I'm still trekking along in my attempt to scrapbook all of Steph & Sue's photos. So far I have 19 for Steph & 20 for Sue.... OMG I just realized that's a full scrapbook. awesome. But I'm nowhere near finished. I'm not scrapping in any particular order or anything, just using which photos speak to me at the moment. So they are all over the place chronologically speaking. That's okay though.

I have another page to share today. I made this a couple of days ago. I'm really loving the BasicGrey Hey You & Hey Boy collections. For some reason, primaries & bolder colors are my go to shades right now. So I'm sticking with what keeps me motivated & because I'm not scrapping in straight chronological order, it won't look like I went through a primary color stage once the book is put together. :)

Anyways I quit blabbering typing incessantly & show you my page. I hope you like it.

and of course, here's the video to go along:

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  1. Great page. I really liked your video as well.