01 February 2013

New Elle's Studio Projects + New Video

Hi all. I'm here to share my new projects for Elle's Studio, that went live this morning. I've been loving the new collections, both are so beautifully designed. I've been dying to share. Seriously. Hardest thing I've done. Another thing I have to share is a video I made while creating the first layout.

First things first, my projects...

This was my very first project. I've been waiting & waiting to scrapbook my most favorite photos from last year, & the You & Me collection was absolutely perfect for the photos. For my first project I wanted to step out of my scrapbooking box, so I did that a few different ways on the same layout. First, I decided that I had to do an 8.5x11 layout, to go further, I made it a double page layout. Both are so out of the ordinary for me. Then, just one step further, I decided it was necessary to make the background papers different from one another. I really like the way it turned out & surprisingly, I've been scrapping more and more 8.5x11 pages since then, & I'll be sharing those soon. :)

2012 was a HUGE year for Instagram, especially for me. This is almost all of my photos from last year. I only eliminated a few doubles, from places we've been & things we've eaten. I'm sure someone will wonder how I made this collage. I used Picasa, a free program from Google. I put in a custom size ratio, when I created a tile collage. Then printed through Photoshop Elements after cropping it in half & moving it to an 8.5x11 canvas. I love this technique, because I can create awesome sized collage prints & still use my standard sized photo printer. 

This layout makes me smile. I've never been good at grid layouts. Most of my pages have TONS of layers & I love doing that. The LOVE card inspired the grid design because I didn't want to cover any of it up, since the word is so important, but I also didn't want to layer it over my photo either. So, in comes a grid. I really love the way it turned out & I will definitely be making more in the future. 

Ok. So there you have it. My very first Design Team Gallery. Now as promised. A new video. This is  the process from my very first gallery project!!


  1. I love all of your layouts! You are so talented! Elle's studio is so lucky to have you!

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