23 July 2012

I'm still alive.

Wow. I was on a roll with those posts there for a while... Well, I'm still alive if you were wondering, just enjoying the spoils of summer before its long gone. I've been working like a crazy person trying to get caught up on my project life. I found my mojo. I think I lost it when my LSS closed. But my group of friends has started cropping again, & now I've found it. So I'm getting that project life outta the way, I'm working on getting another couple of process videos uploaded... YouTube is my enemy when  it comes to uploading [it takes SOOOO LONG], plus I'm going to try to remember to video me catching up on one of my project life weeks. So there you go. I'm alive. I'm well. & I'm getting crafty. Hopefully you'll see the finished projects soon. I think it'll be time for you to see my Project Life too! Yay.

Ok I'm off!


  1. Have the Carrolton ladies set up an online store yet? I tried to hit archivers last month to scratch my LSS itch but it just didn't cut it.

    1. nah, they've been going through some changes... moving & such. so the store is on the back burner at the moment. but I hope they start it up soon! I didn't know you were from the area... & archiver's doesn't have anything on what Sweet Memories was. :)

    2. I hope they start it up soon, too! A girl can keep her fingers crossed for another b-day bash, right? I'm down the road in peachtree city.

  2. I recently discoverd your blog and I love your start to finish videos. Can't wait for new ones!

  3. YAY!!! Glad your mojo is back...

    Now if you could find mine, that would be great! <3