28 July 2012

A New Digi Page

so I've been getting the urge to create... well I LOVE using new product & since being on a design team I've gotten kinda spoiled b getting access to NEW stuff as it comes in. So I've gotten into this habit that I have a hard time creating with older product, it just leaves me uninspired after using it a couple of times. After I lose my want to create with a certain product I usually just throw it into my project life bin to get good use out of it...

We are at that point in our industry we're there's a lull in available product. CHA has just ended and product won't be available to ship from most companies for quite a while... so I've also been in that lull... but I found a way to get out of it. After being desperate for something new to work/play with, I started to look all over the internet for some cute digi stuff that could keep me inspired and creating until new CHA stuff starts shipping...

Today I have a new digi page to share with you. I have fallen in love with Paislee Press... her tag line is embrace your inner minimalist. I love that. Her products are so amazing. I wanted to buy it ALL! but I settled for 2 collections. Photobooth & The Weekender. I love the color palettes for both collection & they actually coordinate quite well. [at least to me they do :)] So as soon as they downloaded & I organized them into their correct places on my computer, I began creating. It was amazing.

I find that if I throw a digi page into my usual paper mix I get so inspired and ready to create something else. & it just keeps going.

So after getting home from seeing The Dark Knight Rises, I wanted to scrapbook my photobooth strip that I took with my iPod at the theater... they had a photobooth there, but my strips were FREE & I already bought the app, so why not use it... their photobooth did inspire these photos though. :)

To say that this movie wasn't Epic... well I would be lying. It was my favorite of the trilogy. I LOVE Christopher Nolan & Joesph Gordon-Levitt... who doesn't love him?? :) I think there will be more DKR pages in the future to profess such love. 

So I used a pretty equal amount from both kits & tried to "cut" the title from the background page & lift it off of another piece of pattern paper, but I guess my drop shadow wasn't good enough to make the effect look right.. oh well. maybe next time. 

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