06 March 2011


Lately, we’ve been hanging out inside. It’s been rainy here.

I’ve been missing my dad. He’s in florida on a personal vacay and its becoming too long of a vacay for me! lol. although I have talked to him on the phone EVERY SINGLE DAY since he’s been gone, (sometimes more than once per day), it’s not the same as seeing him and getting to hug him. I admit it, I’m a dad’s girl.


This photo was taken back in 2009, in the LITTLE town that he is currently in.

Mo is all healed up from being spayed. So glad about that.


my desk has been exceptionally messy, but to me that means something right has been happening. I used to be a clean scrapbooker. I could hangout in a 15 in square and be happy. now, I have about a 3 foot mess around me. lol. I think I need to thank my wonderful friend Megan, from The Green Room for that one.

here’s some proof of the previously mentioned statement:


I’ve been working on various layouts with new stuff from CHA and my “our 6th year” album. which I shall post more about at a later date. but here’s how I’m keeping up with the everyday occurrences and journaling of sorts:

2011-02-05 18-42-20.972

my before mentioned friend and I went to Ikea last weekend. and that was an adventure. I swear Ryan and I have been to Ikea countless amount of times, but we never have that much fun on the ride home.

Ryan has been bitten by the Halo bug yet again. So I have been hearing a lot of fake gun noises, alien voices, and random cracks about cheating and what not. it’s just like old times. I admit I have been playing with him. I know I’m a geek too.

it’s officially spring break here. although this weekend hasn’t felt like spring, I’m hoping the week picks up on the fact that it should indeed be feeling like spring. here are my plans for spring break:

1. scrapbook, and do plenty of it! I’m going to a crop on the 12th at my LSS. I can’t wait until April when Megan can come too.

2. eat cupcakes, I plan to make Ryan take me to The Blue Eyed Daisy, in Serenbe nonetheless, to have a sweet treat or two. Hopefully they have some red velvet. I’m obsessed.

3. take the cats for a few outside walks, it’s been way too cold to take them outside for any long period of time, they are so used to being inside, that when we do take them out they just shiver and I have a hard time seeing shivering babies.

4. bike rides, we’ve been riding bikes lately.

5. find the waterfall, so if you know me, you know I’m slightly obsessed with Serenbe. Ryan and I live so close that we visit frequently, especially since we are no where close to having the ability to live there! but last time we were there we checked out the community bulletin board to see what was going to be coming up, and there were photos of people at a waterfall… I love a good slow shutter waterfall photo! So when I got home I stalked flickr streams with photos from Serenbe, and there were several with photos from this mysterious waterfall that I have never seen. hmm… so we shall partake on an adventure to find the waterfall, Maybe we should take the GPS and set it on walking just incase we get lost. that is a thought.

other than these not so concrete plans, we shall just live life and see what happens. that’s always the most fun, right?

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  1. thanks for all the sweet comments about me! LOL. I can't wait to start scrapbooking again! Thanks for all the inspiration you've been putting out there.... I will probably have to scraplift a few of yours to get me started!