03 March 2011


So my life is totally ordinary.

Ryan and I pretty much do the same thing everyday.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we both have class.


Most off days we like to have a good cup of coffee, so we go to Starbucks.


When we are at home Ryan usually plays some video games while I catch up on old television shows on Netflix, while doing some scrapbooking.


When we decide to go on a date, its usually a day date, and we do things we both love. Like, go to Ikea, do some shopping, eat some Cracker Barrel, go to Starbucks, or go to Barnes & Noble to read books and magazines.

DSC_0035 (2)DSC_0007

Our cats, well they are cats, so they eat and sleep most of the day.


We cook dinner together almost every night. Lately we've been riding our bikes about 2 miles everyday, which has been awesome. But while all of this sounds boring, I love it.


(yummy homemade pizza)

Our life hardly changes but its all of these little things that I love about my life. I get to spend time with my best friend everyday. I appreciate everything that I have been given and I love where my life is now.

But it still doesn't make me less excited about our future together.

together forever

What ever it may bring.


  1. I think this post needs to be turned into a little mini book! It would work perfectly!!!

  2. It has been forever since I have looked at my blog let alone read anyone else's. I deleted a lot of blogs off my list so I was going through to see who I kept following. I think your life is absolutely adorable. And as long as you're happy who cares if anyone things it's boring. I think your life is AWESOME!!!!