09 September 2012

My Life, Right Now!

I'm in full on research mode. I never imagined how much research it takes to keep a 20 page paper interesting.

Everyday I right a new question to bring up to my professor.
Everyday I read a portion of a book, either in English or French.
Everyday I search for new articles.
Everyday I write down ideas.
Everyday I alter my topic just slightly, narrowing it to precision.
Everyday I take notes.
Everyday I reread those notes.
Everyday I think.
Everyday I post-it something new.
Everyday I bookmark another site.
Everyday I print another piece of paper.
Everyday I write a few sentences.
Everyday I talk out my topic to myself and to Ryan.
Everyday I ask an opinion.
Everyday I translate.
Everyday I stress.
Everyday I think about what I will present about.
Everyday I change my idea of which primary source is the most important.

Whew. I'm tired just thinking about it and everything left to do. I'm ready for December to be here. I'm ready to get my presentations over and my paper printed. I'm seriously ready. You know what's really crazy, though? I already have another research topic in mind for my six or so months off between undergrad and graduate programs. I hope it works out.

Okay I'm off, I really need to get back to reading and writing.

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