07 August 2012


I have to face it. My last semester as an undergrad is slowly approaching. While I'm excited to be exiting this chapter in my life [finally]. I don't want it to be here. I've had an ENTIRE summer to hang out, create endlessly, lay in bed, read what I want, when I want, & stay on social media all day... those days are about be cut short. I have exactly 13 days left of freedom. 13! That's it. Then I'll be at school 4 days a week... yuck. I'm going to have my head stuck into French Literature & plastered to a computer screen doing constant research for my final senior paper. YIKES! As of today, 15-25 pages seems impossible. That seems like SOOOOOOO much research, reading, note taking, outlining, writing, editing, proofreading, editing again, adding, subtracting, citing, hand cramping, & eyes hurting. I'm not looking forward to it. NOT at all! But I love my field of study & French makes my heart swoon... [wish Ryan could speak it too] so I'll make it through, & in the end I will love every minute.

In the past years, University has been a HUGE part of my life... & French has taken over my brain. I studied French in Junior & High School, but I never felt a love for it like I do today. I had wonderful foreign language teachers in high school, but they are on a different playing field than my professors... I never knew how much a professor could make me love a subject until I took my first "upper level" [past core/major] history course & then again when I took my second university level French course. They have a different mode of encouragement to give out to students. After leaving my final require foreign language courses I really felt connected... so when I came to a crossroad in what I would love to do with my life I knew I wanted French to be a part of that. I still don't know how this amazingly beautiful language will play into my future. I know I will keep it as a part of me.

I decided it was necessary to document just how important University has been to me. I have several photos from my adventures there, & the many books I have had to read throughout a semester. So what better way to document than to scrapbook it? ;)

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  1. I looove your layout!
    Très belle page :)

    I'm a proud french girl and I'm happy that you like our language! :)