03 April 2012

Project Life Weeks 1-18

I've been a terrible blogger lately. My local scrapbook store closed its brick & mortar store front, so for a month I spent a ton of time cropping there, since it's going to be hard to get together with the ladies I met there. Also, school is kicking my butt. Seriously, who knew French Cinema & Literature could be so time consuming. But I LOVE it, so it's all worth it. So first off I thought I would catch you all up with my Project Life, instead of photos I decided to whip out my webcam and give you a little video, so that you can see up to March 17th, then I will be caught up to what I have finished and what I've posted here. Plus I have loads of newly photographed layouts to share with you here & now that I have MY VERY OWN SCRAPROOM!!! I have been making videos like crazy, but editing is a pain, so it takes a while. Anyways, thanks for hanging in there. I hope you enjoy the video & if you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer them! So without further adieu, here's my Project Life Weeks 1-18:

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