03 April 2011

New Video!

I have finally gotten a new video uploaded to YouTube... It literally took a couple of hours to get it to publish to YouTube, which I do not have the patience for in any other instance. So anyway, Here's the 2 page layout I made in the 2 video series:

I LOVED making this layout for many reasons. 1. I used one of the KI Memories Pockets, which I stuck my ephemera and journaling in, I didn't know how I would use them, I honestly bought them to use in mini-books... but they worked amazingly for this as well. 2. I LOVE scrapbooking about Ryan, he's my most favorite subject, because he is my one and only love. :) and 3. This pretty much concludes the layouts I have made from our 5 hour trip to NOLA... yes that's right we were only there for 5 hours. But those 5 glorious hours made us realize that we must go back to spend a few days and explore the entire city and not just the French Quarter. One of the best things about NOLA is, that it is so amazingly old. If you know me personally, you know I'm a history geek, but if you really know me, you also know that I thirst for French History. Seriously. If the University would have allowed me to only study French History to get my degree I totally would have. French American history is uniquely indulgent. Because I can readily visit some of the places that one would learn about while studying about it... especially since I live in the Southeast US. There are so many places along the Gulf Coast from Alabama to Louisiana, that have some sort of French history and culture... I swear I probably squealed a million times while driving through, because of names of places and such that I had read about. hmm.... I need a vacation. Anyways I hope you enjoy the videos... I'm uploading pt. 2 as I type so it will be a couple of hours before it is available, but here's the first to tide you over.


  1. Hi Katie! I found a cute layout of yours at 2peas that I would love to highlight at Creative Soup today & hope you don't mind me doing so. I love your fun, colorful style & hope to see more of it on your blog. If you find the time in your busy schedule pop on over to www.thecreativesoup.com. We would love to see you!!

  2. @Katie Thanks so much! Of course I don't mind you sharing!!